TYPO3 CMS/Extension development

Netkyngs uses TYPO3 to bring its creations alive and make them interactive

12+ yrs Experience

At Netkyngs, we share a non-mistaken 12+ years of experience in TYPO3 development. Templating, extension development, custom user interfaces, front-end login enviornments, custom backend administration dashboards, and much, much more. We think TYPO3, we eat TYPO3, we breathe TYPO3, we LOVE TYPO3.

Once your project has been completed, finished and "delivered" by our team of developers, we're positive you'll love and embrace TYPO3 as well the very moment you lay your eyes on it.


Extbase / FLUID

Netkyngs can create any of your desired TYPO3 applications in any TYPO3 version (7.6.x / 8.7.x / 9.x), in a high-end Extbase/Fluid based solution.

There's realy nothing we can't integrate/build into your existing or new TYPO3 installation: GPS location based applications, mobile application integrations, real-time server updates, database solutions, etc. Simply get in touch with us to learn more about what Netkyngs can do for your company.


In a nutshell

  • Open source CMS development
    CMS websites are built in award winning TYPO3 Ccntent Management System
  • Extension development
    Custom extensions built in Extbase/Fluid
  • 12+ Years of experience
    We have a long history of TYPO3 project development - your project is in good hands with us
  • Highly scalable/flexible
    With its modular structure, TYPO3 is your ultimate, future proof CMS/Website solution

Testimonial Testimonial

Netkyngs is my "go to" shop for our web and mobile development. Roel has one of those minds that crackles and pops when it's time to get creative and solve tough problems. Netkyngs gets projects done on time and within budget. And the quality is top-notch.

- A. Guttormsen - Exploreous, Inc. (New York, USA)