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Our Approach

Netkyngs works in a professional yet informal, personalized, one-on-one manner. You will never feel like a number, we'll make sure of that.

Netkyngs works very punctual, on time, precise, and creates exactly what you need. At the same time, we'll think along with your end product, taking into account your target audience and your business' goals. We're always full of ideas, and we are happy to share these with you.

Our Success

Our success is based on a strong relationship with each of our clients. We proud ourselves for providing the best possible support and for helping our clients out wherever we can. However, we're not just building relationships, we're also targeting on success. Your success. Because our success completely depends on your success - so that's what we focus on.

Our Services

  • High-end Blockchain Solutions
    Custom-built blockchain solutions or solutions based on existing platforms like Etherium or Waves
  • Open source CMS development
    Websites are built in the award winning TYPO3 Ccntent Management System
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns
    Get more popular / increase traffic / grow your roots taller with Netkyngs' Smart Social Media Campaigns and Smart Linkbuilder
  • Universal and Native Mobile Apps
    Have Netkyngs design and build any of your desired mobile app solutions
  • Online Payment / Text / GPS Services
    Get in touch about the endless, interactive possibilities and solutions we can offer you.

Our Skills

Blockchain Technology100%


jQuery / AJAX100%


Responsive designs100%

iOS Apps90%

Android Apps90%

SEO / Social Media Campaigns90%

Testimonial Testimonial

Netkyngs is my "go to" shop for our web and mobile development. Roel has one of those minds that crackles and pops when it's time to get creative and solve tough problems. Netkyngs gets projects done on time and within budget. And the quality is top-notch.

- A. Guttormsen - Exploreous, Inc. (New York, USA)